Hiz House Laboratory Dori Sloan

Milk- thick white liquid, pH7, neutral.

Sprite- clear, bubbly, pH 4, acid.

Water- clear, wet, pH 7, neutral.

Glass Cleaner- smells like sanitation cleaners, clear liquid, pH 9, base.

Mustard- thick, yellow, pH 6, acid.

Tire Cleaner- brownish tinted liquid, pH 8, base.

RAID- smells bitter, poisonous, brown liquid pH 11, base.

Turtle Wax- thick, gloopy, green in color, pH 8, base.

409 Cleaner- smells like bleach, semi opaque liquid, pH 8, base.

Backsplash Cleaner- semi opaque liquid, pH 8, base.

Coffee- bitter smell, brown liquid, pH 7 neutral.

Carpet Freshener- foamy substance, white, pH 9, base.

Silver Cleaner- thick silver substance, pH 8, base.

Sriracha- thick, red substance, pH 6, acid.

Clorox- transparent, clear liquid, pH 9, base.

The End

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