California Penal System Samira Abukar


Adjusting back into society after being in Prison is hard as it is. Its hard to find a job, people look at you differently, you feel like you don't fit in. Imagine having to experience all these things all because you were convicted of a crime you didn't even commit

Problem, Cause, and Solution

A big problem thats never really talked about is wrongful convictions and the repercussions the inmates face after their release. Life after prison for an ex-convict is really rough. Along with not being able to find or hold a job and being labeled everywhere you go, there are also many psychological problems that ex-felons have to deal with after prison, especially if you were wrongfully convicted. According to my research its actually harder for exonerees to get back on their feet because most of the time they are not offered any type of job or housing assistance. A possible solution to fixing this problem would be by giving all ex-convicts the support they need to get back on their feet, such as counseling and financial and housing assistance.

Cause and Effect

After being in prison for so long you become accustomed to the prison environment, which is something that follows them into the real world when they are released. This makes it harder for ex-convicts to adjust back into society because they don't really know how to act anymore. They are so used to that hard and violent environment that sometimes they become hard and violent.


I hope that by watching this presentation you have gained a little more insight and realize the seriousness of this issue and feel inspired to help make a change and raise awareness for wrongfully convicted inmates and the repercussions they face after they are released.

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