In the development of technology, there is the history, modern, and future technology. The first technology ever used / made were probably the sticks and stones. Then, in modern technology, there are mechanical devices, tools, and metal objects, such as the car. Later, in the future, there could be things like floating cars, robot servants, and even a new source of energy!

Historical Technology

The History of Technology

In history, there was the first potter’s wheel which was made in the 3000 B.C. The potter’s wheel was made before the transportation wheel. The transportation wheel was made in circa 3500 B.C. These wheels were used for chariots and for many other devices. The wheel developed into so many things that it is quoted the most important advance in early technology!

Some other technologies of history is the pulley, lever, screw press, and rotary power. There is also the water mill, architectural forms, and many others. Although the pulley was first mentioned in Greek text in the 4th century B.C., it could have been known much earlier. It is still a mystery. The discovery of the lever is linked to Greek science because of the legendary remark of Archimedes in the 3rd century B.C., “give me a fulcrum and I will move the Earth.” The lever is known as the first mechanical device used in technology. From 3000 B.C., the principle of the lever was used in Egypt and Mesopotamia. The screw press is developed in Mediterranean regions at some time before the 1st century A.D. The Rotary Power was found in circa 200 B.C. The water mill was first made in the 1st century B.C. It created power only by using the flow of the water. In architectural forms, there is the dome, as well as the arch, and finally the vault. You can combine arches to make a greater whole. A vault is a deeper version of the arch. A dome is made of arches sharing the same center in a circular form.

Modern Technology

What We Live Now

Modern technology is what we live. It is all around us. Laptops, A.C., light bulbs, cell phones, and even the transportation systems. You can say that almost everything is technology these days. What’s not?

Future Technology

The Machines of The Future

Although we don’t know what will really happen in the future, we might have an idea. There is a project going on for blowing out a fire with sound, a drone to send to space to work in a gasless environment, a train that goes 760 mph, an air balloon that takes us to space and back, floating farms, and even a brain print as a password! If we were able to extinguish a fire with sound, we would be able to send drones into fires instead of firemen. The space drone, or ArachnoBeeA, is selected by NASA to work where humans cannot. The 760 mph trains, or the Hyperloop, is still developing and is planned to be started building is about a year. The space balloons are being made by the Worldview, and it will take us to space for a while to let us take a view of the Earth as the original form. The floating farms are for producing more food, as for the increase of population in the future. And finally, the brain print as a password. Instead of using normal passwords including letters and numbers, it will scan the brain print to decide whether you pass or not. The technology will be really advanced in the future!



The topic of development of technology leads to the question, how far can we develop in technology? Well, in the end, we really don’t know. Technology stretches so far that we cannot see the end. Ever since homo-sapiens existed, technology has kept developing. It has been developing so fast that people say that what was new yesterday is the history today. If that is true, how far can it develop? As for Albert Einstein, he said, “It has become obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity”! Which means that technology is more advanced than what we are now!

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