Rome Geography By DUNCan Foley

Rome's Geography was really unique. first of it was on a peninsula on that meant that they had a lot of water and that gives them food transportation. Rome was built around the seven hills, which provided a great strategic advantage during war and made the defense of Rome a lot easier. The land was fertile and perfect for agriculture because accessibility of fresh water from the river Tiber. Tiber had a length of 252 miles enough to cover any amount of soldiers to get fresh water and to keep on concurring land and to make Rome more powerful.

This is a map of the seven hills and the river Tiber

They also used the Tiber river to trade with Greece they were located in the middle in a huge trading road witch gave them a leg up on the competition on inventing things witch made things that we use today as the following.

A few things Romans invented




this is an aqueduct made of concrete


This is an aqueduct. aqueducts helped transport water as the pipes underground do for us today

Julian calendar

This is the calendar we know and love... well sometimes. this calendar was made by your truly Julius ceaser

battlefield surgery

This is when a soldier is wounded they heal him on the battlefield there for allowing them to keep fighting and not to surrender

Another good thing about Rome is that they had good land witch allowed them to get animals and to farm/irrigate. This also helped them maintain their huge army of witch size they could conquer anything.

because of there overwhelming geography they were also able to have a big and strong army this is what they concord before they all fell, they are the red

Notice they are on a peninsula and they only had one way in and one way out


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