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“This music is very cinematic. It sounds like watching a Fellini film if it was scored by Joy Division, John Prine and Rare Earth. This band is deeply committed to the song.” – Alejandro Miranda, Tapalqué

Salutations! You are invited to the Now Defunkt album drop happening! Tune in and engage as we share stories about the making of "Skills are handy | Feel is gold." This collaborative collective is built on family, compassion and community in a trying time.

"Listeners with an ear for passionately crafted independent music that manages to capture both the weight of reality as well as a sense of levity will fall immediately in love with the sound that Now Defunkt has constructed - and the specific lyrical message and emotional underpinnings of their songs promise to leave a lasting impression on fans of Funky, Jam-adjacent styles and Soulful expressions of sonic artistry!" – John Wright

Featuring Roller Dance Owl Skaters.

Right before the lockdown, Steve McMahon and James Hunter helped to bring Scott Macklin's song to life. They also received help from his son Case who recorded and mixed the track and from their respective daughters Anastasia, Amaris and Nikko who filmed the video at Joshua Tree.

Then came the quarantine. Thinking that he could now check the box “write and record a song” off of his bucket list, Steve decided to flip Scott for real and wanted to do more. The exchange played out like a scene from the Usual Suspects…

Is there a problem?

One job. That was the deal.

One job?

One job!

That's a good one, Scott.

Stop being such a tough guy McMahon!

It took one day with McMahon nagging him, and they went back to work.

Looks like this is turning out to be not a one job / song deal. So they started trading lyrics and sonic idea files from their own places of quarantine and began cooking up tunes. They bugged other friends to contribute tracks. Big thanks to César Castro, Sandino Gonzales Flores, Gabriel Ochoa, Eduardo Sierra, Joe Seamons, Mamelani Forté and Natasha Jaffe. Low and behold there are enough songs to put out an album.

Successful Kickstarter Campaign!

Big Thanks! for supporting our Now Defunkt album project. We are now busy putting the final touches and mixing the songs. We are so humbled by your support, working with musical collaborators from around the world and being able to "play" with our daughters (Ana, Amaris and Nikko) and sons (Aeden and Case) as they contribute their songs to this collective effort.

Featuring Roller Dance Owl Skaters.

Tribute to Teachers

Creeping Cthulhu

Featuring Dancers from the Border Residency Project.

Song about that time in 1909 up the Bellingham line.

Gratefully Dedicated to Friends Here & Beyond.

Unsinkable Song

Filmed at Joshua Tree by Ana, Nikko & Amaris.

Featuring Dogs of Sayulita

Sweet Eldorado Cadillac

Everything is going to be all right.

Spinning Album Test Pressing for the First Time.

Behind the scenes look into album optimization process.

Skills are Handy | Feel is Gold album – Fall 2020
Created By
Scott Macklin