WWF Diary Cover Design 2018 Journal Entry 1 & 2



World Wildlife Fund focuses its work around the diversity of life on this planet, the remarkable spots they live in. At the same time attempting to diminish mankind's effect on this life and in these spots.


This diary would primarily focus on those who are interested in everything Wild Life


Spread awareness out in a creative way to inform the community about the struggles


It will be seen mostly in offices that relate to Wildlife care or to customers who support the movement so they can use for their personal needs eg Birthdays, Planning etc


In this diary, there will be many restrictions. It must be completed in a certain amount of time. Technological; High Resolution images, Colour must be in CMYL, File must be 300dpi and cannot exceed 8mb. Must be appropriate and not offensive to anyone.




For 50 years, WWF has been protecting the future of nature. The world’s leading conservation organisation, WWF works in 100 countries and is supported by more than one million members in the United States and close to five million globally.WWF's novel method for working consolidates worldwide reach with an establishment in science, includes activity at each level from neighbourhood to worldwide, and guarantees the conveyance of creative arrangements that address the issues of both individuals and nature.


The Target audience for this Diary is open for everyone of all ages. Love for animals or Scenery, this diary is for you because its filled with so much of it. Those who are considerate and generous enough to contribute to the movement should purchase this diary as it will benefit the charity and yourself as a consumer.


Species Adoptions - WWF help protect the future of nature and give you a chance to create a better place for different animals and their habitats. Just buy purchasing a Pack for a Specific Animal grants you with gift on selected animals.

Snow Leopard Species Adoption Kit ($55)

Buckets - Contribute to WWF's conservation on a selection of special themed WWF Animal Buckets filled with cute and adorable stuffed animals.

Bucket Of Cubs ($75)

Apparel - Support WWF by promoting selected Shirts.

The Art of Wildlife - Support with a donation towards a piece of Art

Gift Adoption Cards - Make a $55 donation in honour of a friend, family member or colleague and give the perfect gift in an instant!


BASIC INFO - https://www.worldwildlife.org/about

PRODUCT INFO - https://gifts.worldwildlife.org/gift-center/gifts/Species-Adoptions.aspx

Panda Cover Photo - https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/34/3e/68/343e687be9f143335b440b5f176b83bf.jpg

Forest image - https://photofiles.alphacoders.com/282/28270.jpg

Tundra Image - https://static.pexels.com/photos/4022/cold-snow-forest-trees.jpeg

Safari Image - http://www.africaexclusivesafaris.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/Joys-high-res-13.jpg

Mountain side/rocky area image- https://static.pexels.com/photos/52640/pexels-photo-52640.jpeg

Ocean waves image - https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/e7/fe/2a/e7fe2af2896dc0391a18f064b6c27897.jpg

Bear and Wolf image - http://blog.iamnikon.com/en_GB/wp-content/uploads/074-907150091.jpg



Cover Idea Sketches

This mood board represents the ideas during the brainstorming steps for the final design concept. This board includes images, colour pallet, typography use with different fonts and sub headings i may use on the final cover, statistic tables i could implement and images of different animal contenders for the front page. This is what i think needs to be implemented to the final product to show my idea generation.

For the final design i plan to have the imagery do more of the talking as you look at it. I want to use different lines and shapes throughout the design to complement the animals face/body structure and further give the audiences eyes an easier time to look at. The use of lines with be implemented to the actual animal and will showcase a silhouette with a vibrant colour. This will achieve a more modern aspect as the background will be plan and simple without distracting the audiences eyes from the main topic.


The design elements and principles that i will be incorporating are primarily line, shape and patterns. With these elements i will be creating a simplistic design that implements the different principles to guide the audiences eyes through the cover. This will overall achieve a sleek and modern design that is very sophisticated but with a splash of vibrant colours.

With different techniques tested and played with a simple double exposure with vibrant colours mixed with the animals with a smoke effect seems to be the most modernised look so far. With the splash of colour it will further increase a curiosity for the audience.

  • To raise awareness of the World Wildlife Fund charity simultaneously providing useful products in return.
  • This design solution proves to be really effective as past diary covers for the WWF organisation have had similar design process and the final result appeals to the target audience, this creates a different look but it will never improve beyond that point.
  • To raise awareness of the World Wildlife Fund charity simultaneously providing useful products in return.
  • In context the solution provides a aesthetic and functional design for the WWF diary cover with the design principles and elements explained earlier such as line, shape, and pattern.
  • This solution also focuses on the target demographic of the design as it is simple and to please mature audiences whilst still providing organised information this design is well developed.

The refinements needed to fulfil the design brief would be the feedback from designers and non designer which will assist me to improve and evaluate my concept design to a finalised diary cover with feed back from designers/non-designer.



For the final design i implemented two well known animals, One which is not as endangered as the other which is on the brink of extinction, The Lion being the not so nearly endangered and the Snow Leopard being the critically one. For the background i've used a simple solid off white colour and placed an overlay adding texture as i wanted it to be as simple as possible but interesting enough to give it more thought. After that i've added to the back cover a list of animals that are Critically endangered and filled the whole back cover with it to give more character and an another feature for the diary. On the front i started off with a photograph of a lion and clearly everything behind it to just get the head. I then added a watercolour filter over the photograph and change the saturation even more to get a dramatic effect, This is mirrored with the snow leopard on the back cover. I then added a mask and equiped a paint brush effect tool and continued to use it to remove parts of the animals face. Later using the same tool i used vivid colours to help make the animals pop. With the lion i stuck to an orange and dark aqua colour as it has more of a Lion in grass Pallet. Moving onto the Snow Leopard i did the same bringing the orange with an additional shades of blue and a black as the animal is seen in the snow and has black spots. To make the animals pop even more i've added their original eye colours but amplified them making it more vibrant, Blue eyes for the Leopard and Orange for the Lion. My choice of the title was "Take Action, Support Us" this implies that helping them start with the diary then you can further support them after, but the first step is purchasing the diary. Following that the "2018 Diary" was placed in the center at the bottom with a white and orange 3-D Effect to make it pop. On the back cover i've added the "Critically Endangered Species" to tell the buyer what the back cover is about. The composition of all the objects in the diary is placed very strategically. when opening the diary fully you see both animals staring at each other, this implies that even if one is more in danger, they're both animals and both should be looked after equally. The choice of the Title being split was to add more impact with the "Take Action" being the first thing, following "Support" then "Us". The way it will be read will give the buyer more time to say the words in their heads and hopefully have more impact as the words are cut up. The overall design is how i intended it to be, a very modern, edgy design with the minimal use of photographs from the internet i believe i've achieved a well executed design.





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