Employer Newsletter april/MAY 2021

The Spring 2021 semester is wrapping up!

We are at the end of the semester. Do you have the full-time and intern hires you need? If not, there is still time to contact us for assistance (713-221-5011, cobcareercenter@uhd.edu).

Did you miss our Career Fairs or other opportunities to connect with great talent here at the UHD MDCOB? If so, remember that you may also post positions, request resume books and request on-campus interviews as well as virtual information sessions and events at any time via your GatorHiRED account (www.uhd.edu/gatorhired).

What are your recruiting plans for Fall 2021 and the 2021-2022 academic year? Will you be on-campus at all or only virtually? Please click below to let us know.

Please click here to tell us about your recruiting/involvement plans for the 2021-2022 academic year

THANK YOU to our employer partners!

Our Business Student Organizations

We are anticipating having in-person options for our Fall 2021 events. Stay tuned!


Site visits are a great way for students to learn more about your organization! This service is free of charge and can be scheduled through your GatorHiRED! account at www.uhd.edu/gatorhired

UHD Ranks No. 1 for Diversity Regionally, No. 18 Nationally

Job Posting Tips

You have an open position so you create a posting. However, did you make sure to tailor your description to your population? If the job posting is for university students in particular, note these tips below to ensure it's stellar:

  1. Make sure the title is descriptive and especially right now, if it's a mobile or virtual role, be SURE to include that in the TITLE as well! About 90% of the job postings we get don't provide this information! We all have different thoughts and feelings about the pandemic but the reality is, it's still here. So, make sure you cast your net as wide as you can to ensure you capture those who would only be comfortable with mobile roles right now. Don't rely on them to read the entire posting to discover whether or not the position is mobile or provides mobile options (at least for now).
  2. Ensure the posting is written as a sales piece. Remember, you are essentially "selling" your company and you ARE competing for talent! Yes, you represent a great company and yes, students will likely be interested no matter what's in the posting. However, technology has actually increased the competition for candidates since it's so easy to post a job now. Be cautious to not just list something quickly though. Make sure you are thorough and really describe the job. Candidates get nervous about applying for a job that is very vague. Therefore, having a vague job description can lead to very few applicants and/or many underqualified applicants. So, investing some time at the beginning will actually save you time in the long run.
  3. Consider that current students MAY already be looking for and able to accommodate a full-time job. Be careful to not exclude candidates for full-time roles just because they are still in school. About 90% of our students are working to pay for school, etc. So, graduation on our campus is not necessarily the indicator that they may now be considered for full-time employment. Yes, they could be an intern for you but they might be able to actually shift into a full-time role now!
  4. Close your posting! Once you have filled your position(s) and/or the position is no longer available, make sure your posting is no longer active. Having an expired posting still active in a system sends the wrong message to students. If you need assistance closing a posting or re-posting a position, assistance may be available. When employers post with us, we have an automated message regarding when a posting is about to close or that it has closed. In addition, while a posting is active, if you need ideas to improve your posting and/or you need resumes right away, let us know!



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THANK YOU for recruiting our students! Our goal is to help you find top talent for your organization. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.