International Poetry Tag Read, Write, Recite.

Use this page as a model for your collection. Make sure that you do not share images of yourself or give your surname. In the place of Read, Write, Recite, put your first name and your school name.

The aim of this page is for you to share your writing with an authentic audience while learning about how students your age in other countries write and view their world. You will hear the cadences of other languages and learn a little about life elswhere.


Introduce your country or city.

Insert a YouTube clip, map or image that introduces your country. It may be about culture, geography, festivals or simply images set to music.


Insert your favourite poem here and insert a picture to capture the subject.

Write the author's name and country of origin and if possible, the date it was written.


Write your own poem on a similar theme.

Insert your poem as an Adobe Spark Post graphic or use a glide as I have done here.

Dragon Night Dreaming

by Juliette Bentley

Ghost clouds haunt the incandescent Mullumbimby moon

hiding her vacant beauty in swathes of mystic magic.

Whispers carried on zephyr breezes

tell the tale of Dragon Night Dreaming

where wizards ride on emerald dragon tails,

and whip the storms of the unbelieving,

and pour the balm of dreamers dreaming

where magic spells-weave webs of wonder,

upon scarred, scaled livery, their spurs, intent.

The ability to dive across the jagged sky,

wands conducting, lives unravelling,

gracing gracious dreams to adults who only remember

as they sleep,

the landscape

of wishes.

Fire-breath, the scorching brand upon the land below

so seemingly untouched,

will leave them haunted by scudding dragon cloud skies

across the face of a benign moon's kiss.

And innocent children laugh with glee

as they point at dragons flying free...


Using Adobe Spark Video, create a narration of your own poem. Choose images to support your themes, subjects and any motifs that you draw upon. (Motifs are recurring things that have meaning - symbols)

Insert the videoed recitation of your poem. You can see what you need to do by viewing the examples. The poem below is a narration of Dragon Night Dreaming plus McCavity.

You can hear me narrate McCavity in the video below.


Reflection On The Challenge:

Write a brief reflection on your writing process and how you feel about poetry.

I love writing poetry and there are times where sharing my writing makes me take greater care; I ponder the words I string together, hoping that they conjure clear mental images for those who read my work. Sharing my words with international friends is very special. Knowing that you will hear one another's voices and see other's poems as a response to the challenge is really exciting.


Contribute to the Challenge:

Suggest three subjects for Challenge 2 and insert a creative Commons image as a stimulus. Send your link to your teacher who will share your page with another group of students from overseas. They will take one of the subjects you have suggested and will use it as a stimulus for their writing.


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