Celebratory things about Canada

There are many things to celebrate about Canada like its beautiful scenery or its tourist attractions, but today we will be discussing our diversity, rights, and Basketball.


An amazing thing about Canada is its diversity. Diversity means a variety of religions, faiths, and colors. Aboriginal people inhabited Canada first and the first immigration happened in the 17th century when the first French and British were colonizing. 1 out of every 5 people are immigrants and over 20 percent of the Canadian population are immigrants. According to the 2011 National household survey over there over 200 ethnicities in households across Canada.

I personally think we should celebrate diversity in Canada because I myself am colored. I think we should be proud that the vast majority of Canadians accept you for who you are, and not the color of your skin and that we don't live in a country where you are looked down upon for your race or religion, like some do.


Basketball is a very popular sport worldwide. It was founded in 1891 by a Canadian named James Naismith, although he founded Basketball while in America. Canada has been a part of basketball Olympic games since 1936 and the very first NBA game of basketball was played in our very own Toronto on November 1st, 1946.

I think Basketball is definitely something to be celebrated because of how popular it is among Canadians especially with kids around my age 14-17. Basketball is something I have been playing since I was a little kid and I would see at least one basketball net on almost every street in my area area growing up. Also I think our government realizes this considering almost every recreation center that you will go to there will be a basketball net/court.


In 1960 the first federal human rights law was born. This is called the Canadian Bill of Rights and it protects the fundamental freedoms, democratic rights, mobility rights, legal rights, equality rights, and language rights of the citizens of Canada.

I think we should our rights and be very proud that Canada is a country with many rights no matter your gender, religions, or color. There many countries where certain people are not granted certain rights that others are, which is very unfair and should not be allowed.


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