How does Music Psychologically Affect You? By: Amy hour 4


Music helps students academically by....

- Music training (band/choir) helps students pay closer attention, the more hours, the more effective

- Makes reading more proficient, and also vocabulary

- Playing instruments, or even singing, enhances the immune system

How does it affect our brain?

Music Affects our brain by...

- listening to relaxing music for 45 minutes helps sleep better

- decreases stress hormone critisol

- music triggers memories

- listening to energized music helps you keeps you more awake

- ten or more years of musical experience helps keep brain healthy

How does it affect our body?

How does music affect our body?

- helps energize and relax

- improve circulation and cardiovascular function

- energizing music helps improve endurance when running

- music therapy helps disturbed and autistic children, and Alzheimer's as well

Brief Video of how music affects our mood and emotions

What genre of music do you like?


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How does Music Psychologically effect you?


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