Why You Should Wear Hats

Do you know how much of a benefit wearing a hat can be for you? If you are intrigued by my question, then continue reading to be informed on a very serious topic. I am certain that wearing hats saves lives and by agreeing with me and taking action, we can decrease deaths caused by the sun. Not only do hats saves lives, they also save your money and are fashionable. They can even increase your self esteem with their style.

First of all, it is quite obvious that wearing a hat will significantly increase your protection against the sun. In all honesty, when was the last time you put sun block in your hair and on your head? the sun is above us and affects us from above and on our heads more than people seem to believe. Not only do hats save lives, they can also save money.

As previously stated, hats can save money. Things can be helped with money or different methods but when your hospital bill needs paying because you need surgery for problems caused by the sun, which by the way could have been less likely to occur if you had worn a hat, you will not be able to pay in grains of sand that you found in your shoes! If you had worn a hat you would be able to spend that money on something else, like... Another hat because hats are very fashionable.

Hats can save lives and money but they do that while looking "swell". Most people would agree that they are fashionable and because of this hats can boost your self-confidence. By knowing that people like what you wear, you can be more confident as you don't have to worry if others judge you too harshly about your appearance.

To summarise this statement I want you to remember that hats save lives. You need to think twice before you run outside to play. Remember to use a hat it can save you, your money, and your self-esteem. No matter your age as the world advances through global warming, we need to cool down with hats, now is the time to save your life. Wear a hat, before it's too late.

Created By
Wojciech Nowak

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