Autism Scott Mathis

Autism is a very serious disorder that affects 1 and 68 people as of 2010. The year 2000 it was 1 and 150. 1 percent of humans in the world live with this disorder, 3.5 million Americans live with it.

Symptoms: people that have this disease Most likely have speech delay, learning disabilities, and they also may have trouble paying attention to certain things.

Risks of Autism: Older fathers, Extremely low birth weight, Extremely premature birth, and genetic mutations from an unknown cause.

How to avoid having a child with autism: Completely eliminate alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine during pregnancy. Also continue or begin a healthy diet and exercise routine.

Finally, 5 statistics about Autism: 1. About 1 percent of the world population has autism. 2. 3.5 million Americans live with autism. 3. Autism services cost US citizens 236-262 billion annually. 4. The cost depends on either adult or child, around a 100 billion dollar difference. 5. 1 percent of adults in the united kingdom live with Autism.

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