Teacher Appreciation Students tell us about the teacher that they are most appreciative of

"Ms. Meyer is my favorite teacher because she's really understanding and she teaches us life skills."

Madison Souchon '19

"I like Mr. Surface because he bonds with and cares about his students more than most teachers do."

Alona Gilpin '20

"Coach Mills is my favorite because he motivates me every day and he is fun to be around."

Timmy Bumps '20

"Mr. Baumgart is my favorite because he's fun to be around and goes out of his way to help me and other students be successful."

Grace Hommel Wood '20

"My favorite teacher is Mr. Hoover because he has an awesome sense of humor and makes learning fun."

Devin Cleaver '19

"Mrs. Duley is really nice and she connects with her students."

Macy Corwin '19

"Mr. Surface takes interests in his students and he's really positive to be around."

Alayna Colby '19

"Ms. Warner is my favorite teacher because she encourages me to be the best I can be and is really chill."

Alyson Cox '20

"Mrs. Carroll has taught me a lot and she's really cool and funny with us."

Meredith Hallett '21

"Mr. Rodgers is my favorite because he's really young and he understands us. He really knows how to talk to us."

Zachary Kaufman '21

"Mr. Rodgers keep us entertained and class interesting so he's pretty cool."

Skylar Garrison '22

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