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  • William Shakespeare was baptized in Stafford-Upon-Avon and lived there for a large portion of his life
  • Though no one knows where he lived before SUA they suspect that he has lived there his whole life
  • Shakespeare began writing sonnets, in fact he became so well known for sonnets that they named a whole writing style of poetry Shakespearean sonnets
  • He began writing plays and trying to get them published some he did others he did not and for all we know he could still have many more plays that we haven't found yet
  • He Married Anne Hathaway - not the one we know today - in 1582. They had 3 kids
  • when they married Shakespeare was 18 and Hathaway was 26 it turns out they had what you might call a "shotgun" wedding because when they married, Shakespeare had gotten Anne pregnant
  • Shakespeare became a playwrite and an actor in London and worked hard to get his works published
  • Most other playwrites thought that Shakespeare was overrated like Robert Greene, Thomas Nashe and several others
  • He finally established himself, and by 1597 15 of his 37 plays had been published
  • He began getting more and more wealth in his acting career and lived comfortably right outside of London
  • This is a cut-away of the globe theatre, owned by Chamberlain's Men renamed The King's, the company shakespeare preformed for and wrote plays for
  • the actors themselves and other employees built the theater from the wood of a building that they tore down before they bought the property

The globe theatre was built by the king's men an acting company right on the Thames(Tims) the central river in London.

Shakespeare disappeard for a large portion of his life most suspect that he was a teacher but others think that he went into hiding after he was caught poaching on someone else's property.

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