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Psychiatrist are mental professionals who diagnose and treat people with mental and emotional disorders

Psychiatrist is different from a physiologist because they also deal with medical disorders.

A phychiatrist must complete medical school before studying psychiatry, they can order medical test, prescribe medication and have patients hospitalized if necessary.

Job description include listening to thoughts and personal expirences, charting, prescribing, helping understand behavior and help them gain control, along with tracking process.

Psychiatrist might specialize in areas such as child and adolescents phychiatry, forensics psychiatry and psychopharmacology.

Classes you can take in higher school to help you prepare for this career are biology, chemistry, sociology, physics, anatomy and physiology.

Degree required to be a physiatrist is a doctorate.

The first step is a 4 year bachelor degree including several sciences courses. After that you are required to have 4 years of medical school and to be a phychaitrist you must complete 4 years of residency training.

Places you could get training for this are Colorado Denver School of Medicine along with the top ranking schools Harvard Medical school in Boston Massachusetts.

The cost to go to Colorado Denver School of Medicine is 35,865 in state tuition.

Certifications required for this job is to pass the ABPN which is the American Board of Psychiatry and neurology.

Salary for phychiatrist can very from 180,000 to 250,000.

A phychiatrist could be implied in a mental health facility.

Job outlook is to increase by 15%

This would be suitable for me because I enjoy helping people with emotional and psychological problems.

The most challenging part for me would be having to consider everyone's feelings and their point of views in things.

2 things I learned was how much schooling they must go through to achieve what they want to be and they don't only deal with mental but emotional disorders as well.


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