North Korean Dictatorship "Man was born free, and he is everywhere in chains."

By Mirsab Ahmed

Jean Jacques Rousseau would support dictatorship in rare cases only when the state is about to collapse. North Korea has a dictator that does not take care of their people. Rousseau also says dictatorship is volatile can lead to tyranny. Tyranny is what has happened to North Korea.

"No man has any natural authority over his fellow men."

Kim Jong-Un does not treat his citizens right. They are starving barely any food, all their freedom is taken away. There are a lot of abuses in North Korea like murder, extermination, rape, forced abortions and other sexual violence. They are also testing a lot of missiles, probably wants to launch them and try to hit us.

According to Rousseau's social contract, Kim Jong-Un is breaking it. He is a tyrant now, he does not give his people freedom. Rousseau also speaks about religion says that each state believe that it's Gods were responsible for watching over it's people.


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