La Raza Unida Nate muzu

Former Hispanic political party centered on Chicano (Mexican-American) nationalism.

José Ángel Gutiérrez

Founder of the militant Chicano activist group La Raza Unida

Chicano Mexicano people realized the government only served to abuse and manipulate people. Result in organization of an independent political party. The party was founded by a group of 300 Mexican Americans with the intention of providing electoral representation as well positive economic, political, and social solutions for Mexican Americans communities in Texas, California, and Colorado.

La Raza Unida Party held its first National Convention in 1972. Party members successfully secured the offices of mayor and two city commissioner positions in San Antonio.

They started exposing Anglos and taking over economic power for Chicano communities in Texas. The ones in California sought reforms in education, labor, and prison system. They also fought for women equality.

La Raza Unida suffered from diverging ideologies, lack of young, trained organizers, few financial resources, and a general loss of appeal.


The people who believed the government to be against them got what they felt was right for their freedom

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