Get More EnerTea Holly Silva

Drinking Tea will give students the long lasting energy he or she needs to complete assignments and stay active during the school year, unlike coffee.

Often students turn to coffee for fast acting energy, but unfortunately coffee only gives energy in short spurts, leaving students fatigued and in need of more coffee.

Unlike coffee, however, tea contains L-Theanine. This ingredient found in tea balances relaxation and alertness throughout the day. Students can drink tea, and get the energy they need for their whole day, all while staying calm.

According to a scholarly study, out of a large number of tested energy drinks (containing the same amount of caffeine), including coffee and tea, tea scored highest on creating the longest lasting alertness during one's day.

Also according to this study, four cups of tea is needed to sustain one through the day, even when containing less caffeine than coffee.

Though coffee gives fast acting energy, in contrast to tea it is not beneficial if one is in need of long lasting energy.

Liberty Students should drink tea for lasting alertness for their day, while staying calm and relaxed and not fatigued and in need of more caffeine. Students can achieve more with tea!


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