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João, was put in a very uncomfortable situation during p.e. lesson, because he was using his phone. He was in the changing room, waiting for his friends to get dressed as he wasn't going to do the lesson because of a broken arm. He was in a tense situation, his mom had already called him at least ten times and he was very worried, because phones are strictly forbidden at all times in school. Should he pick it up? Should he wait for the lesson to end? Should he wait for the lesson to at least start? He was in a conflict with his own self. What was he going to do? It was time to go up to the lesson, was he going to take the phone with him, or leave it in his bag?

What was he going to do?!

This is a type of case that makes adults worried about children and their addiction to phones. According to Dr. Hisao Ishii in the article "Youngsters 'Addicted to Mobile Phones' " found on the website, "Teenagers can be seen taking advantage of every spare minute to touch base with their friends. It is not the content of the communication but the act of staying in touch that matters." says, author of the study about students not letting go of their phones.

Students are getting annoyed they can't use their phones during school hours. Every teacher in school says that even though they can't use it, their devices are always by their sides, sitting on the table, never out of sight. They see it as a normal thing, but it is getting a little bit out of hand, students try doing everything they can just to look at their cell screens. Every student casually sends texts and snapchats during classes when the teacher isn't looking.

A survey done by Maria Pinheiro asking 'Do you think we should be able to use our phones during lunch and brunch?', indicate that all of the 55 students would like to use their phones during school time. That is because, they cannot stay away from their phones a whole day, it's too hard for them, as said before. It is an addiction, they need to have it with them at all times.

Lots of parents worry about their kids health, because it is indeed bad for humans to stare at an electronic screen everyday, the whole day. A solution some parents found was that they got this app named 'Family Screen Time tracker' that was created so parents can control the quantity of time their kids spend on their phones. Usually how it works is, parents set a limit and tell their children to look at app so they balance their time, if they trespass that limit they get grounded. It is a great way and solution so kids can be healthier and happy at the same time, because there phone isn't being completely taken from them.


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