London Trip dec 2017

Here we gooooooo
Walking to Saul's apartment
never seen a cuter neighborhood
Double decker

Took me almost a day to get to Heathrow airport to be greeted by Saul. I traveled from Chicago, Boston, Newark (9 hour layover I must add), then to arrive in the beautiful United Kingdom. I was so jetlag, I fell asleep on the bus mid sentence talking to Saul

Saw the Tower of London

Finally met him with Lauren after months apart!

We were models

Fun Fact: The London Bridge looks like a normal boring bridge and many mistake Tower of London for the London Bridge.

Went to the famous Borough Marked and tried a dish called Mac n Gumbo. The stand we ordered this from could tell we were American and suggested to get it and I ended up loving it.

GoPro vibes
Schwarma | delicious
Man, I love camp friends.

KoKo; On Christmas Eve, Ollie took me to a bar called KoKo. This was basically a party for all of the Jewish college age students to meet other Jewish people or reunite with youth group friends from high a super cool and dance-y way. Wish they had one of these in Chicago because it was lit.

This was at a park near the Buckingham Palace. These birds plus others proceeded to all come at me at once. Screamed a little.

Buckingham Palace
Sup Big Ben
Me and Big Ben
I enjoyed the mirrors on the Double Deckers

Walking to streets of London

While exploring, we met this group of guys who ended up hanging out with us the rest of the night. Also, one fell asleep at the casino.
Sam Miguel quickly became my favorite beer.
Shameless Plug: Rush AEPI
Yay for Kosher grocery stores and Saul.

Of course we celebrated. .

Another cool market we found.

This is a waffle with brownie and chocolate and vanilla idea cream with chocolate and vanilla coating.

Swear they had the best desserts so we got two.

Mahiki, this bar was lit. We drank out of treasure chests and they headed out shots to everyone via a surfboard.
Germantown in Winter Wonderland
Walls of candy.
The famous Winter Wonderland, the whole this was lit up with lights and was basically a giant amusement parks.

SOMEONE BROUGHT THEIR DOG ON THE TUBE (train). They let me hold him and it was the cutest thing ever.

Hey you're one in a minion (lol)

Wish my trip in London didn't have to come to a close so quickly. Coulda stayed forever.

I just want everyone to know I love British accents.

Traveling and exploring is something I enjoy very much. Hopefully someday I'll be able to go back to London or Europe and be able to explore more countries.
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