The Divine IUF1000- Mallori Johnson

The Spatial Experience-When I entered Constans Theatre I was quite amazed to think this beautiful theatre is part of campus. The lobby wrapped around side of the theatre and contained a piece of art which consisted of colorful large glass sheets. After entering the seating section of the theatre, I was greeted with kind employees which directed me to my seat. I sat in the the middle of the far left section. When the lights dimmed, the conversations among the audience quickly ceased and a sense of excitement filled everyone. I believe I had a perfect seat, when the play started and actors walked through the middle of the audience, I felt so close. The auditorium, if any bigger would be hard to see the detail of the play. And if any smaller, it would feel like the production was not as upscale. Place plays a big part of the Good Life as the environment one is in affects the visual and auditory experiences that shape one’s life.

The Social Experience- I attended the play with a lifelong friend, Kennedy. We got ready for the play at my dorm because it is closer to the theater than her apartment. After getting ready, we grabbed our notebooks and walked to the performance. Once we got to the play, Kennedy and I were seated by the employee's next to our other friend Amy(completely unplanned). Going with friends enhanced the experience because we had each other to discuss the play with. Additionally, we were able to relate the play to our friends of lives now which was entertaining. For example, the Diving play went on about how all women do is talk and sitting next to my friend kennedy, the most talkative person I know, made the play very funny. Shared experiences are additionally important in the Good Life because they allow us to create relationships and make memories with other people.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience- The play takes place in 1905 Quebec City, a time and place I am not too familiar about. The central issue in the performance is about a young man from a poor sweatshop working family going to Grand Seminary to become a priest, an additional young man at the grand seminary who is obsessed with the theatre, and an actress who is forbidden by the church to perform in Quebec City. Before attending the performance, I did not know much about the theatre, sweatshops, or the Grand Seminary. This performance was a satirical drama against the theatre that also invoked loss of innocence. The subject matter relates to life now because even though workers are not treated in such terrible conditions as they were, minority workers are still treated in not the ideal conditions.

The Emotional Experience- The Divine, invokes a katharsis because it allows the audience to come clean about aspects in our own lives and learn from our mistakes, just as was done by characters in the Divine. The play goes in depth about certain social and religious views that people would debate and it analyzes each aspect to bring about things to question about each. The katharsis is embedded in the theme as coming clean is a part of achieving the good life.

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