Art and the Good Life

The Good Life theme depicted in this piece of art is variety. This theme is conveyed through this art because the art consists of musical notes, a horseshoe crab, bones, and stars. All these things are completely unrelated to each other but are all put into one place. This shows that in life a person should try many different things and not be narrow-minded. Instead they should try many things and keep the things that they like. Then, when all those things are put together they make a person who they are and can lead them to the Good Life.

This adds to my appreciation of this theme through the colors. For the art contains both bright and dark colors. Thus, it shows that variety doesn't always mean good things and shows that in life people have to try many things. However, at the same time they sometimes will experience bad things in their life. Therefore, life is filled with different things and humans will without a doubt experience both the bad and good things in life. Through these different experiences they will create a person that is unique from all others.

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Allen Fang

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