Amor Sin Fin Mia A. Gonzales

This project shows how there is a lot of love expressed at cemeteries and for people who have passed. Death is a very touchy subject and hard to speak of but it's always around us. I tried my best to take photos that could teach new things to both me as a photographer and you as a viewer . This project shows how different rituals and traditions can express the love of families and friends

"Prayer to the Light "-Hollywood Forever Cemetery, February 2021 Praying hands are often represented in tattoos and statues to symbolize people’s devotion and obedience to God, or any higher power they believe in. Their sincerity and devotion is something important to people both during their life and after their death. I loved the way the hands in this image point to the sun, making me feel like the hands are praying to the purity of light. I felt like this symbolized going towards something truly positive in the next chapter of life.
Burbank, April 1st, 2021 I went with my cousin and her mom to see my tia’s mom’s grave. It was her birthday and they visit her grave every year on that day. They bring offerings to have a good relationship with the Saint Oya who watches over the cemetery to make sure that their loved ones are being cared for in the afterlife and that the cemetery is being protected. Offerings can be anything they think the saint will appreciate, they chose these items based on their intuition. People sometimes think of rituals surrounding death as negative, but it can also just be about bringing peace to loved ones who have passed away. These rituals and beliefs give people a feeling of safety and protection, both for themselves and their loved ones.
''Flores del Cielo ''Burbank, April 1st, 2021 This moment caught my eye because it was my cousin putting flowers on her grandmother’s grave, which is something her family does every year on her birthday. I liked that she put creative thought into it and instead of just placing the flowers on the grave she made it look like they were growing out of the earth. Whether it be a celebratory or sorrowful occasion flowers are very universal symbols of love and care.
"Llevo tu corazon "
Cleansing yourself and your shoes after stepping into a cemetery is very important since it's possible to have a presence or energy latch on to you.
Chicano Park 2021- This is a memorial for someone who has passed, family and friends decorated and added meaningful or religious goods and or possessions to protect the space and keep that person in memory. These are usually placed where the person passed or where the incident that caused the passing occured.
A mural in Chicano park

This project has opened my eyes to new ideas around death and losing loved ones. This is really relevant right now because so many lives have been lost due to COVID and other events of this past year. The idea around death doesn't always have to be sad, it can also highlight the strength of love and care you have for those people in your life and be a reminder of all the memories you hold. Thank you for taking the time to see my project.