Antigone by Eyleen Groetzinger


Antigone (Emma Stone)
Ismene (Jennifer Lawrence)
Creon (Leonardo DiCaprio)
Haemon ( jensen ackles )
Eurydice ( Jessica Chastain )
Teiresias (Sean Connery)
The blind Prophet ( Liam Neeson )
Sentry ( Jared Leto )
Messenger ( Robert Downey Jr )

What is it about?

  • Antigone (daughter from Oedious) wants to burry her brother Polyneices
  • Ismene (daughter of Oedipous) does not want to help her sister to burry her brother because she is scared of the consequences
  • Creon ( King of Berlin) made a law that Polyneices is not allowed to get burried
  • Antigone did it anyways and Creon finds out that Antigone buried Polyneices
  • Antigone gets punished to death for what she has done
  • Heamon ( son of Creon and FiancĂ© of Antigone) tries to save Antigone, by talking to his father but he does not let anyone change his thoughts
  • After the blind Prophet talks to Creon, Creon changes his mind and he made his way to Antigone to let her free
  • Antigone kills herself in the cage by hanging herself
  • Heamon finds her dead and tries to kill Creon but he cant, so Heamon kills himself next to Antigone
  • when Eurydice finds out that Heamon is dead, she kills herself with stabbing herself in front of the altar
  • The only Person who is still alive is Creon and Ismene

My Opinion

I think that the movie is really good, because it is made really interesting and every Important detail is shown. They author may have could it done better, if the end wouldn't be so short.

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