We celebrated the ErasmusDays on the 10th, 11th and 12th of the October.

At our school’s conference hall we organized an event for #ErasmusDays2019 to spread the word about our project ! We invited authorities about education in our town, teachers and students from other schools and introduced our project.W played the songs that we had learnt for the Spain mobility. We played our part at the Revenge and showed the Polish dance to our guests.

İstanbul Provincial directorote of national education organised a Project bazaar event and we attended there and introduced our project more than 100 schools in İstanbul.

Students read the play and chose the 4. Part and drew pictures about it.

Students made drama activities and had a lot of fun.

They also made rehearsals for the play and the music during the month.

…reading the text of the new play “ON THE ROAD WITH CARAGIALE”...

… rehearsing the play following Jorge’s suggestions.

…. Benedetta (piano) and Denny (flute) are studying the Romanian music scores and rehearsing with their music teachers

… and now “Brasoveanca” the traditional Romanian dance...

it is not easy but they will succeed!

And… where is Alex? He is making Halloween cookies...


In October we rehearsed the performance "On the Road with Caragiale" following the scene directions. The Polish students perform the third act of the play.

The actors learned their roles by heart. The musicians practiced the music "Trurli, trurli" playing the piano and the flute.

The students who are going to Bucharest prepared their video presentations for the hosting families in Romania.

Some of the students made drawings illustrating the story.


In October we have finished recording all 5 scenes and we did some drama activities, too

We are working hard to learn the music!

Our students have prepared their CVs and letters for the hosting families.

We have made a lot of progress!


On the 11th of October we celebrated #ErasmusDays2019 through a Talent Show. During this show, the students involved in the project showed their colleagues parts of the plays, or performed the songs.

Our students started to rehears the play "On The Road With Caragiale".

We started to prepare for the meeting that we will host in the end of November.

So we chose the place where we will perform the play.

... and the costumes of the characters...

Also we organized an initial meeting with all the students involved in the play where we set the responsibilities of each one.

We divided the student into four categories: musicians, actors, responsible for decorations and responsible for promoting the play.

This is our team:

We are looking forward to meet you all in Bucharest!