Richard III, the Rose Houses, Henry Tudor, Battle of bosworth field, Henry VI V.S. Edward IV

House of Lancaster was resembled by a red rose, the were at war with the house of York while still fighting the Hundred Years War

House of York was resembled by a white rose, they were at war with house of lancaster while still fighting the Hundred Years War

Neither the House of Lancaster or House of York won in the end a man named Henry Tudor rose and fought creating the House of Tudor mixing red and white roses not to make punk but holding the boundaries of them.

The Lancaster house chose the red rose to symbolize their motto "they win or die, those who wear the Rose of Lancaster"

York house used the rose to symbolize their motto "Barbed and seeded ready to spread"

The white and red rose was made to show the finally ending conflict between the two houses

The battle of Bosworth Field was the final battle of The War of Roses though smaller would start.

King Richard III was hardly convicted of the princes disappearance, the only ones standing in his way were his nephews, so he took them out of the picture

Edward IV V.S. Henry VI the King Edward exiled Henry in aims of not letting him take the throne only for it to back fire as Henry raised an army of natives and fought back


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