Nellie Rowlan The story of my great-grandma

My Great-Grandma Nellie Matilda Rowlan was the most self-less person I have ever heard about. Everything she did in life was for her kids and her grandkids, she rarely ever stopped to think about her self.

My Great-Grandma grow up and raised a family in Rolla, MO

Her and my Great-Grandpa Dalton, had three children, my grandma Patricia, her sister Jackie and their little brother Derrel. Dalton was an alcoholic and only worked to pay for his addition, so with three kids to feed it was up to Nellie to take care of her kids.

This is my Great-Grandma Nellie

She worked seven miles away from home but didn't know how to drive so everyday she walked to work where she cleaned hotel rooms for a local hotel. When the job was done she walked seven miles back home and prepared dinner from scratch for her family.

From the left Nellie's oldest daughter Jackie, Nellie's son Derrel and her youngest daughter Patricia.

After her family finished there meal her day was still not complete. She jared food for future meals and if she had the fabric she would make clothes for her children to wear. My grandma remembers Nellie making all of the clothes they wore because they never had the money to buy them.

Nellie and her husband Dalton

Once, grandkids came around Nellie spoiled them and continued to hand make things for them to but not for the same reasons. Nellie made each of her seven grandkids a queen size quilt completely by hand. Some got more then just the one like my dad who has three quilt that vary in size.

My Grandma Patricia and I

Even though I never had the privilege of meeting my Great-Grandma, the stories I have heard about her are inspiring. She is defiantly someone that I look up to. Luckily for me everyone in my family says that my grandma is exactly like her, no wander my grandma and I have always had such a close bond.

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