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Roots of Christianity: Founded by small communities in the Greek and Roman empires following the account of a messianic figure called Jesus. Jesus was an orthodox Jew and Christianity began as a sect of Judaism.
Troeltsch (religious historian (1865-1923) and Weber –the first sociologists to classify religious organizations. They distinguished three ideal types of religious organisations: Church, Sect, Mysticism and Denomination

Watch the two videos above - the second is a parody. The Life of Brian was a controversial film when it was first released

Christian churches in 21st century face numerous issues including: the ordination of women; sexual abuse by clergy; declining numbers; traditionalism vs modernization; the relevance of Christianity in a religiously pluralist society; democratization of church structures.
Emergent Churches - new church practices in the west: Emergent churches also called new wave, next paradigm, and liquid churches. Demonstrates resilience and adaptability of church structures.
The Sexual Abuse Crisis refers to the sexual abuse of children in organisations across Australia, The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse began in 2013 and will run until the end of 2017. The RC is investigating the ways in which reports of child sexual abuse were handled by organisations


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