Now and Then 1st Expedition, 2016

In this selection you will find students whose 1st names begin with J, M, and N.

Thank you for visiting! The final products are listed below in alphabetical order by a student's first name. Stop and browse and enjoy. We wonder, will you learn something new like we did? The kids persevered, revised, and self- reflected to create this work. We hope you enjoy reading (and listening) to their opinions.

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One room School House or Springville?

Would you rather go to a one room school house or a big school like Springville? I would rather go to a one room school house over a big school like Springville. That way I can see everyone all day. I can see my teacher too and I can do specials in class. So then we wouldn’t have to walk all over the school. It would be fun. I could do library in class. Recess would be a problem. The recess equipment long ago could be unstable. Then a lot of kids couldn’t play on it. The chairs would be connected to the ground. That would be a good thing so we wouldn’t have to scoot back and move up. Sometimes when people do that they sometimes don’t hear what you are supposed to do because that can be loud and sometimes that can be silent. I could ride horses to school. My backpack would be a belt. That way you would only have to hold it with one hand. That would be good. I would like doing that because it could make your arm stronger because you would have a long walk to school. The school would have a bell. Sometimes when I’m outside at Springville during morning recess, I can barely hear the whistle ring. With a big bell, it would be loud and I could hear it. That’s why I would like to go to school long ago.

By Jacob


Would you rather live in a rural, or urban, or a suburban community? I would rather live in a suburban community. I could see my family because we live in a suburban community. Rural is the country.

If I lived in a rural or urban I would have to drive a lot to my grandma’s house. Also, I could see my friends. One of them lives right next to my house, and one of them lives on the street next to my house. I would be able to play with them.

If I lived out in the country they would be too far away. I would not be able to live anywhere else because I could not afford it. I do not have enough money. If I could live anywhere, I would probably stay here. From the suburbs, campsites are closer than if you lived in the city and I like to go camping. I also like to go to McMenamins in Forest Grove. It’s in the country. I like to live between urban and rural. What would you choose?

By James

Pencils are Great

Have you ever used a quill pen before? I would rather use a pencil with an eraser than a quill pen. A quill pen might run out of ink while I am writing with it. Pencils are easy to sharpen, but with a quill pen you would have to go and get more ink. It would be hard to use a quill pen without smearing it on the paper or getting it all over you. I don’t like getting messy. Pencils have erasers for if you mess up. With quill pens if you mess up you couldn’t fix it. Pencils are better than quill pens because you can erase with them but you can’t with quill pens. Quill pens are hard to work with that’s why I prefer pencils.

By Justin

Old Fashioned Schools

Have you ever been in an old fashioned school house? Did you know that sometimes you can heat up your lunch on the stove? I want to go in an old fashioned school because you can heat up your lunch. I get cold lunch like home lunch, but I can’t heat it up. It’s from home so I have to eat it cold. I wish I could heat up my lunch at school. Another reason is you can also be with older students, like 5th graders, that help you with your school work. My brother is in 5th grade. I would want to be in the same classroom as him so he can help me with my work. All grades are in one room. There is one teacher. It sounds good to have all the grades in one room. I would like help in math. Being in an old fashioned school house sounds fun! That is why I want to go in an old fashioned one room schoolhouse!

By Malia

Quill Pen or Pencil?

Have you ever used a quill pen? I would rather use a pencil than a quill pen. If I run out of ink then I will not be able to write any more. If I can’t write I couldn’t give messages. I also can’t get more ink because there weren’t a lot of stores back then. So they might have tried to get to a store but it would take so long. They would probably die before they would get to a store. Pencils are better than quill pens because I would have to make a quill pen. That would be difficult.

By Micah

Ink or Pencil?

Have you ever used ink? Would you rather use ink or use pencil and eraser? In long ago in school they used ink. I would rather is use pencil and eraser. I love pencil because I can see better. When they used ink long ago it was in cursive and that’s hard to read. I like having erasers because if I have something wrong I can erase it. Pencils are better.

By Nelson

What kind of community?

Would you rather live in a rural, urban, or suburban community? Rural is the countryside, urban is the city, and suburban is half urban and half rural. Suburban communities are my favorite kind of communities. I like suburban communities because there is limited pollution. This is important because pollution is dangerous to people and plants because it can make it hard to breathe. I like suburban because it’s in the middle of urban and rural. In urban, there are too many people and I would get sort of nervous. In rural, there are less people and I would get lonely. Here, I have a good amount of people I’m used to getting around with and I can manage it. Another reason is that it’s too noisy in urban communities. In rural communities all you can hear is the chirping of birds and the sounds of animals. In suburban communities, you can hear both. You can hear animal sounds and birds. I’ve heard squirrels and frogs around. You can hear noises that you would hear in an urban community like a big truck or a motorcycle. Did you know in rural communities there is plenty of grass, plants, trees, and animals? I like rural communities too but there is less people to play with. I love studying about different kinds of communities. I discovered that suburban is my favorite type of community.

By Nivi

We hope you enjoyed reading and listening to our stories, and seeing our high quality artwork. Feel free to look at the other three pages!

We hope that you see evidence of perseverance in our work.


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