Cultural Contract Call Out Wales Culture Alliance

Do you care about arts and cultures in Wales? Maybe you work in the arts, maybe you enjoy watching or taking part in creative activities? If so, we need your help. The Wales Culture Alliance are inviting proposals to hold funded events and conversations in your communities.

Have your say on the creation of a Cultural Contract framework in Wales.

It will cover Fair Work, Diversity, Health & Wellbeing, Co-creation, Inclusive Leadership, Environmental Justice and Social Justice.

For further information about the call out, see below

Any questions please contact walesculturealliance@gmail.com

What we can pay for (further information)…

We can pay anyone £25/ hour for their participation in this work, except for people who are on a full time salary working in the arts.

If you are on a full time salary working in the arts, you can still send us a proposal, and pay people to be involved (if they are not FT salary in the arts).

You don’t need to work in the arts to get involved. We are just looking for people who care about arts, cultures and communities in Wales to give us their thoughts.

Depending on how many proposals we receive, we may not be able to fund everything at this point, but we will talk to you afterwards about how your proposal could be funded in the future.

We aim to include as many different perspectives as possible in the decisions about what can get funded.

As well as time (to organise, hold and participate in conversations, to research, write up or record your thoughts and conclusions and send them to us), we can support you with access costs (translation, BSL, care costs etc.) and facilities to help hold your conversations (access to a zoom account or even space to hold a meeting if that is possible). Please talk to us about what you need and we will do our best to help you.

We hope to fund as many proposals as possible, and have given a maximum amount of £3000. This relates to time and not access related costs or facilities. We can provide this assistance in addition.

Timeline (further information)…

The deadline for submitting proposals is 10 May 2021

We will then ask our panel to review these proposals and aim to get a response back to you in a week or two so that work can start as quickly as possible.

We will be asking you to carry out the work you propose by the 31 May.

In addition to the conversations you will be organising, we will be holding a series of conversations around the end of May/ beginning of June where you can tell us what you discovered and have a chance to talk about that some more.

We will then pull together all of that thinking so that the framework for the cultural contract has been developed using all of those conversations. We will check back with you to make sure we are correctly representing your findings.

However that is not the end of the process, rather the beginning. We hope to find ways for the conversations you start to continue and evolve.

We know that this is all very near in the future, but we hope that there will be plenty of other opportunities to get involved if this time doesn’t work for you. If you join our mailing list, we can let you know about other chances to get involved.

Selection criteria

We are looking to fund a collection of projects that reflect the breadth of the sector and the scope of the cultural contract work.

We will be asking the selection panel to look at both the focus and the reach of each proposal. They will be looking for unheard perspectives as well as knowledge or experience that benefits the wider reach of the conversation.

We would like to fund as many projects as possible.


This is an open call, anyone can submit a proposal. In some instances we will be contacting people directly to ask them to submit a proposal because they have particular knowledge, skills or experience.