my life. all 12 years of a HECTIC,stressful,fun teenage girl.


it all started on November 18,2004, 8:08pm at Baylor hospital, i was 12pounds 11 ounces.i was born a healthy baby, crying loudly,my mom was 24.

my first year

i was introduced to my big sister as soon as my parents could she was 3 at the time so she didn't quiet understand that she had a little sister but she soon did. my home was in Saginaw but soon after i was born we moved to keller.for my first birthday,we had a get together for family and good friends. one of the biggest memories that my parents have is when my dad smashed my head into my little cake and i was not very happy about it.

the next 3 years.

when i was 4,we moved to a different house but we were still in keller, my parents were very stressed about this move but it all turned out good after all. that Christmas, we got a new dog, it was a boxer, we named her bella.

the next 6 years.

the next 6 years were very sad and stressful, my parents got a divorce and that crushed me inside,but that gave use a chance to restart and have fun.

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