Southern Colonies Valyn S.

Reasons for Founding

Some of the reasons for founding the Southern Colonies were for Catholics to have a save place to worship. Another reason is People needed more money. The last reason is they wanted to make a buffer zone so, they would block the Spanish.


The geography for the Southern Colonies was ideal for growing crops and making plantations. The Southern Colonies had better soil then some of the other colonies. The weather in the Southern Colonies was pretty hot most of the time and the light from the sun helped the crops grow better and faster. There were a lot of swamps in the area. The Southern Colonies had a lot of land.


To earn money in the Southern Colonies people owned Plantations and grew a lot of crops. A big crop that a lot of people used to make money was Tobacco. People also got money from growing Indigo, cotton, and rice. People also made money by Slave Trade. Another way that people made money in the Southern Colonies was shipping things of to places. If you want to make a lot of money come to the Southern Colonies.

Come to the Southern Colonies with good crops, good soil, and good weather.

The Colonies Video

The Southern Colonies is were you want to be!!!

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