Hello 5-Pi Parents! Hope this finds you doing well and staying warm! Below is some information about what is happening in our classroom...

In reading, students are focusing on comprehending non-fiction text by first understanding each of the different text structures that they might come across.

Our learning targets have focused on cause and effect, problem and solution, description, compare and contrast and order and sequence. We will continue on with this focus for the next couple weeks.

In Writing for the last couple weeks, we have continued on with the non-fiction concept. Students have been writing up a storm as our learning targets focused on strong research strategies and integrating the non-fiction text structures as they investigated non-fiction topics that interested them and wrote about them.

For a week, students collaborated with other students researching Civil Rights leaders and getting creative while making a dodecahedron!

Now for the next couple weeks, students are spending time reflecting on their work throughout the year to create student ePortfolios to share with you all at student-led conferences. Don't forget to sign up as this conference your child will be presenting to you some of their reflections!

In Science, students are bringing closure to their study of Matter. We spent the last couple weeks doing some really cool experiments that demonstrated the properties of matter and what happens when that matter changes shape. In one of the experiments we found ourselves melting butter, candles and shortening to determine if their weights change when they change states!

We will move next week into starting our focus of the Civil War in Social Studies. The students are going to be amazed as they take on the persona of a civil war person in a 4-6 week simulation in our classroom. The focus will give us an opportunity to integrate non-fiction reading and writing as well as narrative writing into our content area (Social Studies)! Who would've thought there were Chromebooks in the Civil War, huh?

Don't forget! Class Parties for Valentine's Day will be on Feb. 14th. Students will have their last opportunity to distribute Valentine Cards to classmates in elementary school! Don't forget to pick some up at the store! Students can once again create a box or bag for collecting cards as well.

In Math, we are bringing closure to our decimal multiplication unit next week. We will look to have the Unit test next week about mid-week, if students are ready. Our next unit of study will have learning targets that focus on dividing decimals. Ugh. Yes, please hold back your enthusiasm.

IXL focuses for students right now continue to be on multiplying decimals and working on problems in the "I" (multiplying decimals) section.

Please continue to send your student to school with jacket, hats, and gloves.

Lastly, I look forward to seeing all of you Thursday from 6:30-8:00pm at Open House. The students will be showing you how they learn best in 5th grade!

Stay warm and talk soon! - Jason


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