A care for the needy Bringing smiles to the people in need!

By: (L)Zidane , Ariff , Cheng hu , Brandon , Azizi

Project: Creating a portable wardrobe

We want to create a something for the needy kids and elderly to store their precious items/belongings such as clothes and other valuables to keep it as a memory.

It serves a purpose for them as they do not have items to keep in. Its best for the needy

A wardrobe that looks just like this which is portable to use even though when you are outside for an activity or camps
Or just like this....? Fitting for the kids to keep their toys safe and secure. It also come with a lot of slots to store in their needs and their wants


Description of the product :

We choose the design because the needy need the space to put their clothes and some other stuff needed

We also make it portable so its easier for them to move around easily without fail


It has wheels to move around without using too much of strength. Its also compatible to store all your precious, important stuff
It has a lot of space to fit all your precious items and also it does not need to use effort to open the wardrobe. They can use the zipper to open it more easily
Purple looks good on the eyes. It also make the bright colour easy on the eyes for the elderly to see even though its in the dark

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