Oakfield News Issue 31 14th June 2019

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From Mrs Thompson

Rarely have our school values been as much in evidence as during this past week! The weather posed challenges both at home and away, as we dealt with unwanted water in our school buildings and our Y6 pupils coped with even wetter conditions than normal during their Rockley trip!

I am delighted and proud to say that resilience and a large dose of 'Blitz spirit' came to the fore as the children camped out on the upper floors with packed lunches and staff kept lessons and routines running smoothly - inspiring as ever.

Care was evident in the huge support received from parents - thank you all. When asked by our lovely OAFs what they could bring in to help, the response from Admin was: "Cake and chocolate please!", which duly arrived!

We look forward to welcoming Year 6 home from Dorset and also to our Summer Fair - let's hope for better weather. I hope to see many of you there on Saturday.

Lower Foundation

This week, Lower Foundation have continued to focus on transitioning and what behaviours we will be taking to our new classrooms.

The children enjoyed discussing ideas and thoughts with one another and then making ice-creams. Each child chose different flavours, representing a behaviour that they suggested. ‘Ice-cream for success!’ What a fantastic display of delicious and yummy ice-creams!

Upper Foundation

The Gingerbread Man

This week we have been talking about The Gingerbread Man and the characters in the story. The children have role-played the story, made characters and pop-up puppets and wrote speech marks for the various characters. We also wrote wanted posters to describe the cheeky character of the gingerbread man.

In relation to our topic, we have decorated gingerbread men, which were kindly sent in by our lovely Upper Foundation parents. There were so many Gingerbreads, we decorated a whole family of them to take home!

On Wednesday, we were lucky enough to have a visit from CLC Media who introduced the children to lots of different fun, interactive ICT equipment. The children loved going on an adventure to outer space using VR headsets, played games on iPads and used digital microscopes to explore their hands. They also recorded adventures using the iPads.

We had the most fantastic trip to the Wimbledon Theatre to see ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’. The children were a magnificent audience and very well-behaved. This week, all children have completed their GL Assessments in both literacy and maths.

Year 1

Did you know? All About the Royal Mews

The Royal Mews is a working stable and is responsible for travel arrangements by car and carriage for members of the Royal Family.

The Queen’s golden carriage has heating and even air conditioning!

The children were delighted to meet ‘Fireworks’ and ‘Svjek’ used to pull the carriages.

King’s and Queen’s

The Year 1 teachers were greeted by Royalty on Tuesday! The children were adjourned in their finest attire, we even managed to have the company of the Queen’s corgis and the lion from the Royal Standard!

A super way to spend the afternoon!

The children enjoyed a day of crown making, decorating a commemorative mug and taking home their very own personalised biscuit.

“I bet the Queen gets biscuits with her name all the time”! Anouk

“My crown is not as heavy as the Crown Jewels”! Tobi

Year 2

Making Pirate Ships!

The Year 2 children have been busy over the last two weeks designing, creating and decorating their own pirate ships. They had to plan how they wanted their ships to look, model them out of clay and then decorate them with paint, pens, pencils and lollipop sticks.

Year 3

Problem Solving

In Year 3, we have been looking at problem solving investigations in our maths lessons. We have been using our trial and improvement skills to solve puzzles and have been trying to work in a logical order. For example, here are some photos of children solving a 'Finding Fifteen' problem.

The children were given the number cards 1-9 and had to put them into 3 piles, with each pile making a total of 15. The children worked in pairs and had different strategies. One child used number bonds to 10 to make three piles of 10 and then tried to make the difference of 5 with their remaining number cards. Others found one solution and then swapped numbers between piles that had the same value, e.g swapping a 2 + 6 for an 5 + 3 or an 8 to make a new solution. They showed great team work and reasoning skills, well done!


Last week in Spanish Club we wrote poems. We used similes to describe colours and other adjectives in Spanish. Children also practised their dictionary skills

If you fancy trying to write a poem, show it to Mrs Diaz.

Upcoming Dates for your Diary:

Upcoming Dates:

Monday :

Year 6 Talk - Helen Hayes

Tuesday :

Mental Health Awareness Sessions

Year 3 to Buster Farm

Nursery Summer Party

Year 6 Replacement LAMDA Lesson

Wednesday :

Met Police Year 6 Knife Crime Talk

Lower Foundation to Sea Life

Thursday :

Spanish Day

Firefighter Year 6 Talk

Nursery Summer Party

Year 6 Food Bank Trip

Friday :

Gardening Club Trip to Eltham Palace

Brownies Trip to The Golden Hinde

Garden Party Lunch - Whole School

Year 6 Leavers Party

Saturday :

Oakfield v. St. David's Gym Competition

Rainbows Trip to The Golden Hinde

Beyond the Oak
Have a wonderful weekend!


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