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I think it is worth the risk because you could have bragging rights that not many people have. In addition only ¼ of people die out of a handful. Also mt.everest is growing so today would be a lot easier than let's say in 20 years and if a 13 year old could climb mt.everest it shouldn't be hard for 20 something year old with some traiNing and preparation. Another example is that the number increases when there are no storms so people just have to plan well and the risk gets smaller.

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Having a valuable resource like crude oil affects SW Asia because the countries that have the oil can sell it for a lot of cash and improve their lives. Countries that sell oil can increase their GDP. For example, Kuwait has a very high GDP of $60,000 per capita. Since this is a small country with a low population, their oil sales make their GDP very high. More people have jobs because they need people to help produce and manufacture the resource. Having a valuable resource affects a country in a good way. A valuable resource affects region in a good way because the country with the rescourse can sell it and the money they make off the resources they can spend on schools, education, health etc.

The Sahara desert

How do people adapt in the Sahara. There are Many different ways people live in the Sahara.People wear lighter clothing. wearing lighting clothing so the heat does not bother them as much.People live in tents.Many people live in tents because of the strange whether and because their nomads and they travel a lot.

These adaptations make life easier but it is still a challenge to lives in the sahara.

There are centripetal forces that work to make supranational cooperation possible in the EU. One economic centripetal force is the common market and how countries can take advantage of shared resources. The common market allows goods to be sold without taxes and fees. Unlike trade with foreign countries, they can trade with each other without having to pay. In addition, because there are more countries the EU has more resources. Another centripetal force that helps with supranational cooperation is that there areno borders in the EU which makes it easier to travel. If you are a citizen in the EU you are basically a citizen of Europe so you can cross borders without any problems. It unites Europe because they learn about each others’ cultures. EU citizens don't have to pay as much money to travel.There are many forces that help unite the citizens and countries in the EU. These two examples show that it is really effective, given the size of the EU.

All citizens have responsibilities but good citizens do their responsibilities such as work hard, help their community,good citizens pay taxes. Good citizens obey the laws. Good citizens pay taxes to help their community such as schools,towns and cities. Paying taxes is really important for the community because it pays for schools government services like police departments,public works. Good citizens, when they vote, they vote for what they think is the best choice for the town,country and other citizens. In addition there are social responsibilities that they do like stay informed,tolerate others,protect public safety and speak your mind.

HThe most effective form of government is representative democracy because citizens can get involved in politics and can have a say in government and get to vote for representative. Getting citizens involved is important because people get rights to vote and have a say as of other forms sometimes people have no say. Citizens will always have to pay attention to government because they get to choose.

Representative democracy is the most effective because it is the quickest way and the most efficient because everyone votes for a person who wants to run and they vote who they feel like is the best fit. It is not like direct democracy when it takes a really long time because everyone has a law and everyone has to agree to one. Democracy is a form of government where the citizens hold the power and they're are no representatives unlike representative democracy.


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