Basketball The basics of learning

You are stuck with the ball. You stopped dribbling, so you can’t move. You try to decide if you should pass to a teammate or shoot. Everyone on your team and the crowd is calling out different things. Quick! You have to do something about it!

After learning how to play basketball, you will surely want to play more! Throughout this story, you will learn the basics about rules, defense & offence, shooting and passing.

The Rules of the Game

Like all games, there are rules. The most important rule to know is no traveling. Traveling is when you hold the ball while running/walking fast across the court, or even just taking a step. To prevent this, you are supposed to dribble. This is probably one of the most common rules for basketball games. There are also rules for dribbling. There is no double dribbling. Double dribbling is when you dribble, pick the ball up, and dribble again. Another rule is half court defense. Everyone has defensive assignments, but you can’t always defend them. Say your assignment is taking the ball up to their basketball hoop, you cannot start defending them until they reach the half court line. But once they pass the line, start being aggressive( with the limits of foul moves)!

Defense and Offence

You have to be fast and aggressive to play offence and defense. Defense and offence is a very important part of the game. The last paragraph explained that you can’t start defending your assignment until they pass the half court line, but if they’re not taking the ball up, then start defending! When you defend, you are supposed to block your defensive assignment from shooting or passing to a team member. While you are blocking, you can try to steal the ball. You cannot put your hand on the other teammate’s hand. If you do slap the ball out of their hand, then make sure you only touched the basketball. If you do touch their hand, then they get to pass the ball to another teammate. It is the same with shooting. When your assignment is shooting, you can block the ball without touching their hand. If you do block their shot with only touching the ball, then the referee gives the ball to your team, and your team gets to pass it to another teammate. But if you don’t block the ball cleanly, then the other team gets to make two foul shots, which is extra points if you get them in. As the ball is in the air, block the ball from getting in the hoop! But make sure you block it clean, because you don’t want the other team having extra points!

Shooting and passing

There are a lot of different ways to shoot a basket and a lot of different ways to pass. Some ways to pass are to do a chest pass, bounce pass, and overhead pass. A chest pass normally goes direct from your chest to someone else's chest. A bounce pass is passed from your chest, to the ground, then your teammate's chest. When passing the bounce pass, it is supposed to bounce only once. This makes it easier to protect the ball from getting stolen. An overhead pass is when you put the ball behind your head, and throw it forward to someone's chest.

You are stuck with the ball and you don’t know if you can shoot or pass. Read on and this article will tell you what good chances there are. If there is a path open in front of you, then go for the hoop! When you dribble the ball up the court, be sure to listen to this paragraph. Once you run down the court, try to use your strength and push through. You can also switch directions, which is: You start dribbling left or right, and then you switch your direction, so they will have to adapt to a transition. Run past your defense assignment and see if there’s an open shot. If there is, then shoot! If there’s not, you can choose to pass or trick them! You can trick them by pretending to shoot first. They will have a reaction, which will give you time to actually make a basket. It’s fine if you miss it, but keep trying to get the rebounds!


Basketball is a very fun and interesting sport to play. Even if you don’t have a basketball hoop to practice, you still have your driveway, sidewalk and street to dribble! This sport may be tiring at times, but get yourself together, because it’s all worth it!


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