Principal Report 2019 | TERM ONE | 8 MARCH

We have passed the halfway mark of first term. Hard to believe that we have been at school for 6 weeks. Staff have been very busy, especially with the new building opening on the 18th March. Students in Years 2 will be moving over to the new building on the 18th as well as our specialist teachers. The Administration reception will be moving during the school holidays, ready to start in the new building first day of Term 2.

Next term we will be returning to school see that our amphitheater and library will be demolished and our gym being out of action til the end of the year. This will require a bit of transition from our students and parents, so we ask for your patience during this time.

Lunch Clubs

Due to another playground being out of action during construction next term, we have implemented Lunch Clubs for students to attend during the second half of lunch. We also will be organising some visits to Harmony Park for students in Years 3-6. More information regarding this will be communicated early next term.

Chess Club

Another great club we have at CNPS is the Chess Club run by a Chess Master. Grant has organised a Chess Tournatment that will be hosted at Oak Park Primary School with six other schools. This will be held during term 2 (tentatively 19th June). The event will follow traditional tournament rules and it will cost $20 to enter. It wil be open to students of all ages - who can play chess and follow the rules.

Prizes and trophies will be awarded to winners in different categories including an overall school winner. More information will follow next term.

Hot Topics from the School Yard

Thank you to everyone for your feedback regarding the information that was sent out regarding the iPad update. It is good to hear that everyone is feeling more at ease knowing that we are working together to provide the best opportunities for our students.

Junior School Council

As some of you may be aware, this year the JSC is now available for students in Years 3-6. This decision came from staff due to an inability to effectively work with a large group of students due to our student population growing so rapidly. In the past, when the school was smaller, we were able to work with more students across the whole school. Now with 534 students, and growing to a cap of 650, we can no longer effectively sustain a large group of JSC members.

Our JSC, run by Stephanie Dimovski, is working with the team to ensure student voice is implemented across the school. For those of you who attend assembly, you might notice that some students were standing on the edge with clip boards taking notes. This initiative came from the students wanting to improve assembly and how students are listening during this time. Students provide feedback back to teachers regarding their class. The students have responded positively towards this and have decided to make this an ongoing routine.

The JSC also wrote to MP Lizzie Blandthorn to ask for her opinion on what topics we could be learning about at school. The JSC wanted to find out what our community thought was important. Lizzie responded and decided to visit in person to work with the JSC. Lizzie will be visiting the JSC on Friday 22nd March to chat with them.

Uniform Policy

A few parents have expressed their concerns about the current uniform policy and how it is open for interpretation. I will be forwarding this onto our first school council meeting at the end of this month. At school council, we will discuss the possibility of forming a working party, inviting parents and students to be involved. More information will be delivered to parents once this has been confirmed.


Curriculum Day: All staff will be participating in Curriculum Day this Tuesday, which means it is a pupil free day. For those of you who are taking advantage of the extra long weekend traveling away, be safe and have fun with your family. We will see you all back here on Wednesday.

Harmony Day: March 21st.

Next School Council Meeting and AGM: March 27th

Thank you everyone, and enjoy the extra long weekend!

Monika Gruss


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