Challenge and adversity are meant to help you know who you are. Storms hit your weakness, but unlock your true strength.” ― Roy T. Bennett

Adversity; a hardship someone faces that they must overcome.


  1. What was the major adversity Jeff faced when he was young? The adversity Jeff faced when he was young was being diagnosed with leukemia when he was four years old, which created issues with him when he was younger.
  2. How did he overcome this adversity? What "survivor traits" does he show as a character? Jeff overcame this adversity by continuing to fight, even after he went into remission and finding things to occupy him, like biking. The survivor traits he shows are persistence and courage.

"When I was four years old, I was diagnosed with cancer. The treatment lasted almost three, and it was rough." It's hard for anyone to go through cancer, and it must be even more difficult for someone as young as four years old to go through it. This shows it must have been harder for him to overcome, especially with what it caused after he was cancer free.

  1. What was the major adversity Tad faced when he was young? The major adversity Tad faced when he was young was going through cancer, like Jeff, only it was a little bit different. When Tad was younger he had to go through a brain tumor and along with that he needed brain surgery and a bone marrow transplant.
  2. How did he overcome this challenge? What "survivor traits" does he show as a character? He overcame this challenge by never giving up, even after he had relapsed, like Jeff. The traits he shows because of this are courage and bravery.

"He's muttering angrily to himself. And there's a huge, curving red scar across the entire side of his head." This quote was the first time Jeffrey had seen Tad. It shows that Tad didn't come out of cancer without scars or with a positive attitude.


  1. What are the adversities Jeff faced in 8th grade? The adversities Jeff faced in eight grade are trying to pass his math exams -- which is difficult because the methotrexate he had during cancer treatment caused brain damage -- and having to deal with all the changes around him, like Tad's cancer coming back.
  2. What steps does he take to overcome these adversities? To overcome these adversities, he studied hard for his exams and got Tad to tutor him, and he continued to help and encourage Tad and completed the bike-a-thon for him.

"Tad has it now (...) what are the chances that a kid could survive one brain tumor, chemo, brain surgery, another brain tumor, chemo, brain surgery AGAIN, radiation treatment, a bone marrow transplant and several years in a wheelchair, just to get a whole other freakishly unusual, terminal illness at the end?" This shows that even Jeff is upset by Tad's cancer returning, and really can't believe that it did.

"You know what? Thinking isn't the enemy of math. Methotrexate is." Methotrexate is the medication Jeff was on during treatment, it's explained earlier that the medication caused damage to his brain, making it harder for him to pay attention, thus creating issues for him in math, which is why he calls it the "enemy of math."

  1. What adversity does Tad face in 8th grade? The adversity that Tad faces in 8th grade is his cancer coming back and having to go into harsher treatment. This becomes a setback for him and all the progress he made.
  2. What steps does he take to overcome it? Tad overcame the adversity by planning the big walk-out at school as his beau geste for Jeff, after he completed that he probably felt fulfilled.

"Maybe I should write about being a seven year old with a brain tumor, although if you don't mind having your head sawed open, that's not so bad." This quote is from earlier in the story, where Tad is obviously bitter about everything he had to go through. This shows development as near the end of the story, he's not as angry.


The theme of the story "After Ever After" is to always work hard and not let your adversities stand in the way of accomplishing your goals.

"I have to keep moving. After all, I'm walking for two." This quote shows the theme because it was both Tad and Jeff's ultimate goals to make it to graduation. Though Tad couldn't physically be there, Jeff makes a point to say "walking for two," which must mean it feels like Tad is there as Jeff's receiving both of the diplomas, meaning both achieved their goal.

"Finally, he slowly, slowly stood up, and hobbled past Mr. McGrath." This quote shows the theme of the story because even though Tad was going through treatment again, which made it even harder for him to walk than before, he still got up and walked because he knew it was important to Jeff.


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