Should Performance Enhancing Drugs be taken more Seriously? Julian Burgos

Performance enhancing drugs (PED) should be monitored more closely and should not be taken lightly. Professional athletes are getting away with doping in sports. Sport commissioners are not worried and only do something when it is clear when an athlete is using PEDs. There are many negative effects that also happens with these drugs that can harm the athletes.

To start with, PEDs have huge long terms effects on athletes. These effects can really hurt them as athletes and can hurt their everyday lives. PEDs should be monitored very closely so these athletes will not have to deal with negative effects. Some of these effects include hypertension and aggressive behaviors. Although these substances improve athletic ability, they also decrease athletic abilities after the substance is taken. A result also can be death if the substance is over used. These performance enhancing drugs should not be easily bought and should be carefully monitored.

Additionally, PEDs give the consumer an unfair advantage to the opponents. The consumer has an increase in stamina, strength, and many more physical traits. If this is monitored very closely, than the game will not be unfair. The athlete would be penalized and maybe even banned in the sport. The sport is meant to be fair and fun, not with one person cheating and making the game unfair. If athletes that have been caught with PEDs before were caught again, they should be banned from playing professionally in that sport.

On the other hand, others think that PEDs aren’t that bad and so do athletes. When athletes take these drugs they don’t know the aftermath that will happen. All they know is that they will become stronger in many ways. They don't realize the negative health and other effects that can happen in their career. An athlete jeopardizes their career when they take these drugs. They can go bankrupt or become addicted and always be in need of the substance they are taking.

Some steroids and other drugs help people with illnesses and other things, but when athletes use them for physical use only, they should be penalized. No only are they harming their body, they are also giving opponents a disadvantage to them. Especially if it is a worldwide event. It puts their team to a downfall if the athlete is caught. Also, these steroids can injure other opponents. For example, if the athlete plays a sport like football and uses steroids, than he might injure another opponent and may risk his career. If these PEDs are monitored no one will have to be hurt or affected.

In conclusion, these PEDs can cause athletes many problems. If they are monitored very closely, many of these problems would not occur. These athletes can lose their career and lose lots of money. They also can have many negative health effects. Some athletes have the luck to only get warning and get a small suspension. If these drugs were not so easy to access, than many athletes would not have this problem today.

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