JP Morgan Chase New Skills at Work

Background: JP Morgan Chase is a national financial and banking company with headquarters in New York City. In 2000, two premier finance brands, Chase Bank and J.P. Morgan & Co, merged to create the largest bank and second largest hedge fund in the United States, serving individuals and corporations in over 100 countries. With a legacy dating back to 1799, it is one of the oldest financial institutions in the United States.


  • Since I began my studies at the University of Florida as a Finance major, I have learned a good deal about banking and finance. I plan to pursue a career in Finance, preferably in Investment Banking. Working at JP Morgan Chase would offer a great opportunity to take the skills I have learned and use them in a practical, useful way.
  • JP Morgan Chase is the largest, most prominent, financial company in the United States and the sixth largest in the world. They specialize in investment banking, wealth management, private banking, treasury services and much more.


  • Since growing up on Long Island, New York, I have always wanted to live in "The Big Apple". New York City is the greatest place in the world, and it is the center for many business opportunities, especially in finance and banking. NYC is considered the financial capital of the world and it plays a very important role in the world's economy. Wall Street and the NY Stock Exchange are synonymous with America's financial power.
  • J.P. Morgan Chase is headquartered in New York City along with the two largest stock exchanges, NASDAQ, and the New York Stock Exchange. JP Morgan Chase is a leader in global financial services with assets of $2.4 trillion.


  • J.P. Morgan Chase is a global brand with an incredible reputation. A company of this size and influence offers unbelievable growth potential and advancement opportunities over multiple platforms. The possibility to work and learn about all areas of finance in a legendary institution is very enticing. Working at JP Morgan Chase would be a tremendous chance to work in a fast paced environment and learn from smart, financial leaders.
  • J.P. Morgan Chase specializes in all areas of investment banking and asset management with offices in 50 countries. It has over 235,000 employees worldwide.
"Large multinationals and emerging companies, institutional investors and individuals all turn to us for capital, insights and solutions. With a legacy dating back to 1799, we have a history of demonstrating leadership during times of both economic growth and financial instability....We aim to be the most respected financial services firm in the world, serving corporations and individuals in over 100 countries."

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