Climate change: the big lie By zoe

Climate change is believed to be the cause of differences in temperature over a period of time in a certain area. Many scientists believe that climate change is a hoax, and so should we, as that is all it is; a HOAX. Climate change has been believed in for a coons age and with that time comes research, and a lot of it, but with all that research climate change has yet to be proven true. With the government always out to get more money and former predictions being proven wrong, climate change is getting harder to believe. Glaciers have been melting for hundreds of years, much longer than this so called "climate change" has.

The government is always out to get more money. The Australian government was planning to raise the GST (goods and services tax) from 10% to 15% early 2016. This small increase could raise an extra $36b for them. Although the plan was eventually discarded it was thought about fairly hard. This alone proves that the government is always out to get more money, so who are we to say that they have not made it up to gain more money?

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Also many people believe that climate change is causing the sea levels to rise and these rising sea levels are drowning tropical pacific islands. "Despite this significant typhoon driven erosion and a relaxation period coincident with local sea-level rise. The islands have persisted and grown." Say a pair of New Zealand researchers. Tropical island in the Pacific Ocean have been said to be sinking, although due to research by a pair of researchers from New Zealand, that has been proven false.

Contrary to what most people believe, the glaciers have been melting for more than 150 years. "The results are clear in showing a remarkably abrupt thinning of the glacier 8000 years ago" explains mike Bentley, one of the leaders of a BAS ( British Antarctic survey ) Efforts to find out what's going on with the PIG ( pine island glacier). Research into the PIG has found that the glacier was melting just as fast thousands of years ago as it is melting today. The melting of glaciers has not started around the time of climate change believing era but has been around for thousands of years giving us no reason to believe in this hoax.


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