Frankenstein Fate/ Free Will By: Chris Madden

The labours of men of genius, however erroneously directed scarcely ever fail in ultimately turning to the solid advantage of mankind (Page 34)

This quote relates to the theme because it shows which path would you choose to do your duty. The monster creator could had not made him or he could. He said chooses to make and he follow the path as he pleased.

All men hate the wretched, how then, must I be hated who am miserable beyond living things (Page 83)

This quote is related to the theme because everybody has different ways of choosing and what they need to work they're plan out. Or to make sure they succeed of doing it.

You can blast my other passion, but revenge remains revenge, here forth dearer than light of food I may die, but first you, my Tyrant and torment shall curse the sun (Page 153)

This quotes relates to the theme because of how revenge seeks fate and how it may be difficult to get on the right path for revenge for something. It's desire that is everything is lost.

All his speculations and hopes are as nothing, and like the archangel who aspired to omnipotence chained than eternal hell (Page 194)

This quote relates to the theme because one who can't understand nothing shall be falling down to the wrong path and doesn't believe in they're fate.

Behold those love spend vain sorrow upon the graves of William, and Justine the first hapless victims to unhallowed arts (Page 73)

This quote is referring to the theme because sorrow is part of fate but more bravery to believe in your path of justice. It's more like a encounter to challenge yourself with best beware.

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