A World Consumed with Technology is there a need for Children to be in front of a screen?

In this image children are happy and socializing with each other. Notice how there is no technology present in the scene and the children are able to function perfectly fine together.

This image shows a family together. The progression from the last photo is drastic. The family is together but they are not socializing. This is unhealthy for the american families today.

This is the final image in the sequence. This shows a child all alone using an iPad. A child, alone, not socializing is what families have come to in today's age.

This child is with his mother but is to involved in the technology in his hand to realize that his mother is trying to communicate with his mother. This age is the best time for a child to learn social skills. With technology present it puts a wedge in the learning of social skills.
This boy is in his home, all alone, watching television so close to his face. Besides the fact that he is all alone and watching television, children at this age should be playing with toys. Children should also at this age be playing with kids their own age. That is another way to develop social skills.

A child of this age should not be spending time on a technological device. This just shows how sad it is for our generation to be so involved in their devices that they cannot see the harm it is causing to the social life's of the youth.


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