F.R.E.D teen detective

Hey. I am Owen Kariuki. I am a teenage author who is making strides in the world of writing. F.R.E.D Teen Detective is my creation. Get to know more.

F.R.E.D Teen Detective is a book centering on a teenage American boy, Fred, whose knack for mystery solving earns him plaudits and pundits as well. You will be thrilled by his adventures galore.

Writing is a form of art which is very expressive and can be used to teach and sensitize as well as entertain. My mission is to encourage people to write and be the best writers they can be. The potential is within them and they can unearth it quite easily.

Aside from writing, I also edit and review blogs, I'm available for content contributing and I am a consultant. I do all these services for free. I want to help people grow their writing skills as part of my RIGHT TO WRITE campaign.

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Working for something you don't like is stress; working for something you love is passion

Do you feel inspired?

One of my best phrases.

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