Memories Are Made In The Kitchen!

Memories are recalled by the smallest things; a loved one's touch, a few bars of a long forgotten jingle, a smell so familiar you can almost taste it. In an instant, we are whisked away to time past and we begin to relive our most cherished moments.

This is what makes food so powerful. All of those easily accessed senses are triggered by a single meal. And that meal floods our mind with memories of meals we shared long ago with family & friends in the kitchen. Here at Gerhard's Appliance we believe this makes the kitchen the heart of your home. And we consider Gerhard's the heart of the kitchen <3

We aren't afraid to show our heart either! Starting with our founder, Charles Gerhard Sr., who had great consideration for his community when building his business model. When he opened the doors of Gerhard's Appliance in 1945, home appliances such as automatic washers and dryers, dishwashers, and electric ovens had become the envy of every American family. But the prices were more than the average family could afford. Charles knew he wanted to make his family, friends and community’s dreams become reality with affordable appliances and unrivaled customer service. And thus Gerhard’s Appliances was born.

Today, Bud, Rich, and Gerry Gerhard (surrounded by their brothers, sister, sons, daughters and even grandchildren!) still spend the majority of their day providing the Philadelphia area the best deals on their new appliances with the absolute best service as well. With 6 stores, over 120 employees and a lot more happy customers, the tiny record store they held dear has certainly blossomed. And as much as we love to see the family business flourish, Mr. Gerhard is known for saying "It doesn't matter if we are selling records out of a corner store or a Sub Zero out of our living kitchen, it's the customer that matters! And the service we provide that makes us different from every big box store out there." The calendar may change, but you can count on Gerhard’s to remain the same.

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