Choir behind the scenes

The Aledo High School Choir is very busy between homecoming, TMEA (a state competition), Christmas concerts and more, getting to school before the average high schooler and not leaving sometimes until dark. Putting in the hours really pays off when it results in winning competitions and being invited to national festivals.

Students do some self reflecting in the choir room, making sure they are being responsible while also enjoying their time and making friends.

Sophomore Broghan Guffey (left) and sophomore Raegan Huffman (right) study their music a few minutes after class to make sure they are really mastering their songs.

Choir students go the extra mile by staying after class to really master their music and win trophies from big festivals such as "The Bid D" in Dallas.

After class, students make sure the choir room is organized by keeping their binders neat in its cabinet.

The varsity choir girls share some laughs and build friendships before the bell rings and class begins.

Not only is choir for singing, but providing for the Aledo High School community. The choir hosts a waffle breakfast for the staff of Aledo High School on January 8.
Senior Austin Denney (left) and senior Laine Elston (right) set up toppings and utensils for the Waffle Breakfast.