The Leukemia Foundation is an Australian organisation to help cure patients that are affected by Leukemia. Formed in 9 October 1975 by Doctor Trevor Olsen and the Holland Park Lions Club, the Foundation set four goals: to provide medical care, patient support, fund research and to educate patients, their families and nursing staff.

You might be wondering where does the foundation gets its fundings from. Well, it's basically a mix between government support and public support. This is where the charity support comes in. Years prior to the founding of the Leukaemia Foundation, the foundation has created a genius charity events, and it's recognised for being one of Australia's biggest public events, The World's Greatest Shave

As you probably guess, the World's Greatest Shave has one major goal. To get enough funding and public supports to help patients that are diagnosed with Leukaemia. Not only does the public donate but they can also participate in the event. All the people of the public has to do it either shave their hairs or colour it to give out their support to the patients.

Though the Foundation has been acclaimed, it's not 100% effective. Partly because the donations might not reach it estimated goal or the donations are not enough to provide treatments for the patient with Leukaemia. The Foundation are currently trying to rectifiy these issues but the problems may continue in the future.


This is my moodroom for creating my custom diary cover. Now, I'm trying to represent hope for the patients effected by Leukaemia. So I'll use several images of the sun rising from the shadows and edit them as I go along, The idea was also inspired by the song Shadow of the Day by Linkin Park

Final Design

This is the final design of the book cover. A lot of hours were put into this project. The cover itself is inspired by the cover art of Linkin Park's new album One More Light

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William Park

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