Chapter 19 Section 5 IDs JAck mansfield and john boccardo

Labour Party (Great Britain)

Group of people formed to protect workers interest and help them fight for their rights

Constitution of 1875 (France)

Under this constitution the Second Empire ends in France, and the Third Republic is formed

Emperor William II of Germany

He was an authoritarian conservative and he created military-bureaucratic state. He called for overseas expansion. He wanted a "place in the sun" for the German people. He was very strong on German nationalism and he was anti-Semitic.

Tsar Nicholas II

Became czar in 1894. He created the Russian Parliament which was called Duma. Peasants asked him for bread, so he killed them all on what is now called Bloody Sunday.

Triple Alliance

It started off as the dual alliance. Then the Triple Alliance formed in 1882 between Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy. It was for defensive and conservative reasons whose main aim was to stop anyone who might threaten these three countries.

Triple Entente

It was a treaty of friendship signed in 1904 between France and Great Britain and Russia joined in 1907. It was formed to counterbalance the threat posed by the Triple Alliance.

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