Good Life Performance By: Wyatt Cox

Emotional Experience: After the show was over I was left feeling very exhausted. I had been up for more than two days studying for exams and I was not expecting for the experience I was about to have. The play was so close and involved I felt as if I was nearly on the stage myself. Despite being exhausted, I never thought about sleeping during the entire two and a half hour performance due to the energy of the actors. This was was emotionally a very confusing experience for me because I have never been to any kind of play before, and never seen real actors portray real serious emotion only feet away from me. The expression on my face accurately sums up how I was feeling emotionally at that moment....completely exhausted.

Spatial Experience: Immediately I was shocked when I entered the theatre. I was so close to the stage I could almost touch it. The theatre seemed so large to me and empty when I first walked in. The air in the room seemed colder and damp, which took me out of my element and made me feel as if I wasn't actually in my seat. I felt as if I was in a different and strange place. I have never felt what it is like to be in a theatre like this before and it was like no other place I have ever been in my life.

Cultural Experience: Culturally this play certainly left an impression. The play was very subtle pointing out cultural differences in the beginning of the play among the various actors but gradually expanded upon these differences as the play progressed. What I appreciated about the play the most was following the actors when they went to work in the shoe factory to check in on the family of the main character. It showed how different things once were and how impoverished people have lived in the past. It also made me think about people in third-world countries that have to work in a similar level of poverty even to this day. It was very eye-opening considering how some people are still forced to live on merely pennies today.

Social Experience: This was my first time attending any type of theatre related event and it certainly got me out of my comfort zone socially. I am a major in Finance and I am also doing pre-med. All the people are very straight forward and numbers oriented. There isn't any flare or style to the way they talk or express themselves. Before I walked into the theatre there were people outside rehearsing and dancing, many singing very loudly and without any hesitation. It was very different for me to be around people that don't just talk in the same monotone voice, but instead talk as if they were already on stage. It was strange for me to have these interactions, and it was very refreshing for me to step out of my element.


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